Power PathPort

Product Highlights

Power PathPort is the ideal tool for Pathway users to convert their legacy applications to modern client/server and GUI technology.

Power PathPort Client/Server

Product Summary

Power PathPort is an innovative new product which converts legacy Tandem Pathway applications to modern client/server and graphical user interface (GUI). It not only performs the conversion of a Pathway application to client/server, but also facilitates the easy and rapid enhancement of the resulting GUI using industry standard tools.

A key feature of the Power PathPort solution is its integration with Powersoft Corporation's PowerBuilder product. All application Pathway screens are automatically converted to PowerBuilder source code. This source code is imported into PowerBuilder where it may be optionally modified to enhance the GUI beyond the default generated by PathPort.

Additionally, all requester logic is implemented in a ready to run DLL that is automatically generated.

The product's run time environment provides seamless integration with the application's host resident Pathway servers. As a result, applications never require modification to accommodate the Power PathPort solution.

Product Benefits

Power PathPort offers the following benefits:

Further Details

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