Rave Reviews!

Some actual quotes from our customers

One of the best measures of a company's past success and future viability is what their customers have to say about them.

Here is a short collection of quotations from our existing customers regarding our products and services.

"We've always been pleased with your company's products and level of service."
-A major multinational high technology products and semiconductor components manufacturer.

"One of the few products that we've ever seen that actually works as advertised."
-A large manufacturing components distributor operating numerous Tandem systems.

"We used to consume 90% of our Himilaya K10000 transferring large files from out HP system; the impact on our application environment was terrible. Using TCP/Link's FEP architecture, we reduced that to 8% and there is no noticeable application impact. You've done a wonderful thing."
-A large West Coast truck carrier.

"You've developed an impressive technology that I would not hesitate to talk up with others."
-Development Manager of a vertical market software house.

"PathPort reduced application response time from several seconds to instantaneous response!"
-An international overnight package delivery company.

"I never hesitate to refer other customers to you. You've done a great job for us."
-Executive Director of an Internet connected library consortium.

"Using your print process instead of the other reduced our CPU utilization by 50%!"
-Staff Consultant for a large multinational consulting firm.

"You guys have always been there when we needed you. Thanks a lot."
-Tandem Systems Manager for a large government contractor.

"It sure seems like we have far fewer problems with your TCP/IP product than we do with the other one."
-An international overnight package delivery company.

"It seems like you folks have been around forever. We know we can count on you being there in the future."
-Technical Manager for a regional trucking company.