What's New!

Parallel RPC

This is an enhancement to the Remote Procedure Call component of the TCP/Link and TCP/Link PLUS product lines which allows deployment of Open Systems Standard RPC/XDR applications in a scalable fashion.

ONC RPC/XDR is the leading standards based means of building distributed applications across multiple platforms. This implementation of RPC/XDR runs on Tandem Guardian systems and is fully interoperable with any other RPC/XDR implementation.

Power PathPort

This is an innovative new product that converts legacy Screen COBOL Pathway applications to modern client/server and GUI technology.

It not only converts the application to client/server but also facilitates the easy and rapid enhancement and customization of the application's GUI presentation using industry standard tools.

PathPort always protects the customers existing investment in hardware and software while at the same time allowing a quantum leap in technology.